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Been in Second Life a long time. Started building cars in December 2013. After ahwile, opened a store in Second Life and a mp store also.

All my cars use ACS7 Drifter scripts. I like drift cars, hold down rhe "Shift" key while turning to make car :drift" Smoke comes off the wheels, as the car slides around the corner! haha Big Fun :) ASWD are rhe basic keys to make the car move. I supply huds with instructions so you can do REV and Burnout at the drive in. My cars are street cars for sl roads. A lot have a "RACE" model also. Settings are unlocked so you can "tune" them the way you want to if so inclined.

I put as many features as I can on every car. They have Color/Shine huds. I script as many parts as I can to open/close. Doors/Hood/Trunk , sometimes windows, sunroof,ect.Depends on how the car is made as to what you can do.

The car lights work - most have a liscense plate that you can add/delete your own textures too. You can put your profile pic in it.

Media Player - I'm big on having music :)

I put as many features as possible into each car-that takes more time and money. That's how I feel it should be.

The cars are as customizeable asI can make it for you :)

Each one of my cars are unique and carefully crafted.


If you have a delivery problem- just send a note to AXTEL Nemeth with a copy of your invoice from your transaction history , I'll take care of it as soon as I can. Almost always online every day. So you won't be waiting long :)

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