V-Twins Biker Outfitters
V-Twins Biker Outfitters
Sold by: Amigo Uriza
Joined: July 15, 2007

V-Twins is a leading provider of biker style clothing for SL avatars. Our main store is home to many people that appreciate the biker look and style and is located at Bonaire Island.

From its inception in early 2008, V-Twins has developed an outstanding reputation as a leader in the biker apparel industry. From humble beginnings as a small store we quickly emerged as a standard for many people inworld. V-Twins not only embraced the biker community but helped to develop it in Second Life.

All of our stores inworld also provide the option to purchase items and send them to a friend through a vendor system. Gift Cards are also available for purchase inworld.

Outfitters in Second Life ® is owned by Amigo Uriza, Chaplin Tomorrow


48 Hours refund policy is here: http://www.v-twins.net/index.php?/refunds/

V-Twins Store Policy can be found in our website.

Store policy describes
Contact Amigo Uriza if you need help with a purchase.

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