GemStone INC
GemStone INC
Sold by: Gem Oxygen
Joined: January 31, 2010

GemStone store offers one of a kind RLV collars. Each collar has a handmade texture, the textures are not bought from other creators. The collars are made with the Peanut No.9 Developer kit sold by Virtual Disgrace. Gemstone Textures is no way sales affiliated with Virtual Disgrace and remains a second party licensed creator of on developer kit scripts. The textures AND the collars themselves sold here may not be resold, copied, copybotted and those in violation will be They also will not be used for Gacha sales, violations of said rights will result in take downs by LL TOS.


Refund policy's;
No I won't transfer items to Alts, no real proof. You can buy a friend a gift through the MP purchase buttons.

In the case of failed delivery due to SL just let me know on a notecard, no IM'S since I get IM's capped but I can see when someone sends me a NC through a outside email system.
I will not refund L for any purchase period, I will redeliver but that is it WITH purchase

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