Vengeful Threads / VENGE
Vengeful Threads / VENGE
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Vengeful Threads / VENGE carries a Wide Variety of Styles of Clothing , Jewelry, & Accessories! Be it Gothic, Urban, Fantasy, Formal, ethnic or Club Wear...You are bound to find something That fits your Unique Individuality within SL! We Take pride in creating Unique Pieces and Create for the Joy of Creating Instead of Mass produced Product that is the same as everyone else.

Feel Free To Join our Inworld Update group to keep up to date on All new Releases! Or if you Rather not take up a Group Slot in Game, Join Our group Subscriber!

You Can also keep up to date on all the Newest Vengeful Releases by Our Facebook & Blogger pages! By Following both you get a chance to win New Merchandise & free gifts!


Vengeful Threads Is currently in the Process of getting all product on Marketplace. Be sure to check us out in World for More designs that may not be listed yet!

Should there be an Error, such as something listed transferable or Modifiable and it isn't...please contact me in Game By Notecard before giving negative feedback. All Issues will be corrected :)

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