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Joined: August 28, 2007

Krystali Rabeni is an accomplished traditional and 3D digital artist in RL and SL, winning various awards on and off the grid and taking part in charity and awareness events around the world and in Second Life. An active sponsor of RFL. Her work can be seen right across the grid at small and large events and sims. Creating in Second Life since 2007, her work has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow. Head over to the sister store for beautiful fashion


I try to make sure your buying experience and your inworld experience of my goods are as easy and satisfying as possible. Sometimes glitches do take place at no ones fault.
I would be grateful if you would contact me inworld by notecard if you have any problems as they can quickly be resolved. If you do not receive an item also please contact me inworld before leaving low star reviews.

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