.::[Unique Obsession]::.
.::[Unique Obsession]::.
Sold by: Lunaria Eclipse
Joined: October 29, 2006

Under the dazzling array of the stars and planets, a new magical and mystical creative force has been forged, called for by an ethereal voice that reached out from the hidden mists of space and time. It gave blessing for the joining of the creative magic of Moonlight Obsession and [TrE uNiQuE], binding together with all the power it commanded, two magical hearts and minds into one truly fantastical creative force...... Unique Obsession

We would like to welcome you to Unique Obsession, geared to the fantasy and magic of our hearts and lore of Elven folk, Fairies, Halflings, Drow, Dryads and the like, and bound only by the limits of our imagination. We are Lunaria Eclipse and Tremayne Barbosa, very modest elves with deep magical roots, and we wish you all the brightest of days, and most magical of nights and want to share our passion for the creative magic with you.

We do hope you truly enjoy the fantastical items we have designed and poured our hearts and imagination into. Many more beautiful items will materialize over time, so be sure to join our group Unique Obsession to get the latest updates.

Lunaria Eclipse & Tremayne Barbosa
.:: Uniquely Obsessed ::.


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