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Joined: January 29, 2015

RIOT brand est. 2003 across various virtual worlds.

100% original, all mesh clothing for male and female avatars fitting a variety of mesh bodies.

** Please note: Second Life implemented higher marketplace fees. Due to this the RIOT marketplace now had an additional 'convenience' fee added to the final price to aid in the extra marketplace fees and promotion prices. Shopping in world is 50-100L cheaper per product. RIOT Mainstore prices are the unaltered price. Thank you for understanding.


--- Please always try a demo! There are no refunds aside from double purchases. In the event of a double purchase contact me in-world with the order number for BOTH transactions.

--- Redeliveries and store credit work even for marketplace purchases! Head over to the RIOT in-world store to get a redeliver on an undelivered item or check /use your credit balance. (You receive more credit in-store

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