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- Dreams Store -
Sold by: Noe Voxel
Joined: March 31, 2016

Fashion for women, Female Clothes and Shoes, Outfits with accessories. Some Men's Clothing too (only in the Inworld Store).

Before making the purchase, please note:

►Try the DEMO version before finalizing your final purchase. NO REFUND.
►If you can't find the DEMO in the Marketplace, go to my Inworld Store and buy the FREE DEMO.
If you do not find the DEMO in Inworld Store send me a note to my profile, I'll try to contact you as soon as possible. I will make a pack for you.
► Before writing a bad Review, PLEASE give me the opportunity to solve your problem before you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Contact me with a note in my profile. I will do my best to solve it (if it is in my hands).
My first priority in Second Life is to satisfy you as a buyer. That's what I'm here for.
Do not hesitate to contact me.
- If you bought the product as a gift and by mistake the final purchase was for yourself.
- If you bought the same product twice for yourself. (the system warns you before making the final payment, that there are two identical items).
- If you bought a wrong color by mistake.
- There is no refund if you don't like it the product after purchasing it (color, fit, texture, etc.)
- There is NO refund in any case that the buyer has made a mistake when making the final purchase if they have previously verified it (The buyer's error when making the final purchase is also applicable to the final purchase in the Inworld Store).
- Prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.
The fee join to the group VIP is subject to change due to seasons and special garments, without prior notice.

Very frequently the SLURL address of the store in the world is changed, for this reason it is highly recommended that you always look at the "Inworld Store". This sector will always be kept updated. You can also open my profile in the world and see the information you need. Or click on "Blog" at the bottom left of this page.

Thank you.


To see in detail the policies of Dreams Store see the section above "Profile"

Giving the best of my day to day, with all my love ♥

Thank you very much for choosing us!

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