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*ApoTHEOSeS* it's the name I have choice to give to my store, because every things I am creating it's have to be the best of my Soul can make. You will find lot kinds of Product: Animations - Shoes - Wedding- Sound of Natures - TIS Hybride Dance Machine for Rental- Winter snow and fairy fog - Kitty Cats - ect. I am very proud of every things I product and will be to glad to offer you help on my product. Come take look and come chat with me. Have nice day! Shrantal


If you had buy on MP contact me for Redelivery, Only if you got the Copy Right on the product, If you had buy the product at my Store inworld, come to the store and click at the ''Redelivery'' Terminal, situate at the Entrance of the New Store at the Mainland.

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