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PURE DELIGHTS is an MP store to give you a variety of beautiful home decor. I even offer Animated Gif Wall Pictures for L$10. I have full modify and copy delightful art pictures in framed in wood or colorful frames to match any home decor and only take up 1 prim. I have included many beach house designs also. Many of these have a hand crafted appearance and will add a peaceful tone to your inworld experience. The exceptional thing is that all of my home decorator items are sold at the most reasonable prices. Please enjoy and make your world a more peaceful and elegant world. Thanks, Purity Fairlady


I don't have a lot of policies. My items are reasonably priced and simple enough. Most are copy and modify, so if you don't like what you get you can change it. On the pictures you can change the color of the frame, the size, and even the face with a different picture if you like. Please look at the pictures and read the descriptions. If you are not happy for any reason please let me know. Hugs

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