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Pull Ferm – Terms of Service and Product Usage

Please be aware that by buying our products you are bound to the following conditions:

• You can not resell or transfer any Pull Ferm products for free, this includes gifts and demos. You do NOT have permission to give any Pull Ferm products to anyone full perm or copy/trans.

• You can sell this/these item(s) within your build only if it is not full perm or Transfer/Copy. Acceptable permissions are copy/mod/no trans or trans/mod/no copy

• Mesh, textures, and (ao/uv) maps can only be used in Second Life

• Maps and textures can be exported to edit for textures but must only be used in Second Life.

• DO NOT resell or reuse any Pull Ferm textures, mesh, maps, or UVs outside of Second Life.

Meshes and (ao/uv)maps are not to be given away or resold in any independent manner.

If you need any assistance or you are unsure of the term, please contact: PullFerm Resident

Thank you again,

Pull Ferm.

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