[.fn] - A Fantastical Notion
[.fn] - A Fantastical Notion
Sold by: Renegade Shriner
Joined: October 27, 2005

-My creator kits are always free. If someone is redistributing them, please do not pay for them.

-If a demo is not available for an item - stop by the store! In the vast majority of cases it is out on display for you to see up close and personal.

-the vast majority of the items created after the rubidium set are "fully tintable" - in this context this means that the specular, emissive, and diffuse layers are GRAYSCALE and can be tinted to ANY color with equal effectiveness!


-I do not use a CSR. Just contact me directly with requests.
-I do give refunds, but only within two weeks of purchase.

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