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☠ ѾɨϚҜєʠ ℂяёаţiσηş ☠
Sold by: Athenasrages
Joined: January 20, 2015

Hi I am a new store. I create clothing for the Maitreya body line. I also can make anything within my store for any other mesh bodies as well. I also Make Signature clothing lines as well for the men. I also can make it for any other mesh line in men's clothing as well. Just send me a note card and I will get the same exact outfit to you for the same price! Join my Group for updates a long with new discounted arrivals!


Everything is Copyable. I will resend out a copy if you show proof of purchase. You must provide a copy of a screen shot of when you bought the said item to me. Via Email. At Cinders3196@gmail.com. If you have any questions please send a note card in world to Athenasrages. Labling it with purchase date item name. Thank you!

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