Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
Sold by: Thunderchild Allen
Joined: January 31, 2007

The Thunderchild Gallery & Workshop (TCGWS) is in its 3rd year. After the initial product creation, I’m re-working and re-organizing a lot of products into versions 2 and 3. I’ve pulled products from the SL MP to work on them inworld first. Visit AJ’s Texture Gallery (AJTG) and TCGWS inworld at Milda. Things are setup inworld first then I’ll migrate them to SL MP.
I have products I both Real Life and Second Life. I intend to match products between SL and RL as much as possible. Textures in SL are textiles and fabrics in real life from Clothing and decorum items in SL are available in RL from,, and
Feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or want some custom textures.
-----------Imagination, is the only weapon…


There are free demos of the clothing and objects for you to test before buying. Visit the Holovend area for viewing and testing clothing, objects, and HUDs. The Texture Gallery has on site and home demos for viewing textures on demo targets.
There's no refunds in SL.
A TOS and License(s) are included with purchase.

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