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Things started back in 2018 and then just before the Covid19 pandemic outbreak. In 2019 Robotshaz Designs became Moody. It began with makeup being created and then hats. Over the years more things have been created such as jewellery and footwear. The jewellery, decorations, accessories, clothing and footwear created by Moody are 100% Original Mesh. You will also notice Moody has a lot of auras with many of those auras created by using textures of digital drawings created by Robotshaz. Moody sells also nail polish that were painted by Robotshaz for the Maitreya body as well.


Feel free to try on demos available before buying to ensure that you like the products. If there is by chance no demo available contact Robotshaz and a demo will be made available. Refunds are given to those who may accidentally double purchase. If you purchase something and you are not happy with a product contact Robotshaz inworld. For any questions or suggestions about things contact Robotshaz.

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