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Gawk! Store Policy

✰ Almost all items at Gawk! are Copy, No Modify and No Transfer.

✰ We don't give money refunds on items "you don't like" - All items can be seen on the vendor pictures.
✰ If a double purchase is made accidentally because of Lag or just clicking too fast, you have the choice to choose another item for that amount of money from the Store or get the money refunded. Please send a Notecard with BOTH transactions to me WITHIN 24 hours!
IMPORTANT: We apologize for any inconvenience, but we don´t give refunds on double purchases, because you forgot that you already bought the item.

✰ INWORLD: If you don't receive an item, declined it, destroy it while trying to edit it or just lost it, go to the MAINSTORE and click on one of the redeliver boxes. Follow the menu and choose the item you want to have send again.

✰ Gawk! don´t offers any affiliate Vendors/Systems
✰ We are not selling anything full perm!!!
✰ We are not looking for rental spaces or Bloggers!

✰ For all requests please contact Mell McMahon. Please IM me or send a Notecard.


- Please look at the Gawk! Profil -

✰ All rights reserved. All Gawk! products, created by Mell McMahon are protected by Copyright and other intellectual property laws. They are for use in the Second Life® Grid only! You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, duplicate, process, distribute or resell any part of the creations without permissions by Gawk!.

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