Sharodie's Design
Sharodie's Design
Sold by: Sharodie Nightfire
Joined: October 25, 2007

Sharodie's is my own little corner where I can create and make the things I love.
A lot of people have joined my store for updates and free gifts, so please feel free to join too, the group invite is in my store near the door.
If you have questions you are free to IM me, but please don't add me to your friends list without asking first, this is my work avatar, I don't do much socializing :)
I make sure my items are perfect, but sometimes due to rl stress I might forget something or something went wrong, please let me know about these things so I can fix them, I can't use bad reviews :)
If you like to leave a review please do, I learn from them, and people buy when they see a good review :))

In rl I am a mom and a wife, so with my busy rl and with my health issues , sometimes I am afk...I never ignore anyone, please be patient :) I will get back to you asap :)

Well this is a little about this and that, if you need to know more just say hi :)

Made with love


DON"T leave a negative review due to the fact that you don't take the time to read!
If there is a problem with the items IM me right away.
Everyone that knows me and my work will tell you that I get back to you asap. and solve any problem if there is any.
People are leaving negative reviews for magic box malfunc

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