Bootgasm - Womens Boots, Mens Boots, Cowboy Boots, Shoes & More
Bootgasm - Womens Boots, Mens Boots, Cowboy Boots, Shoes & More
Sold by: Tad Nightfire
Joined: December 15, 2007

Bootgasm is SL's largest boot store. With over 2000 pairs of boots and shoes and more being added every week not only do we have the biggest selection, but also the best.

We have every kind of boot and shoe imaginable. Thigh high boots, calf high boots, ankle boots, fetish boots, gothic boots, neko boots, boomers, moon boots, western boots and many more. We also have a huge selection of high heels to choose from with realistic color changing toes and toe nails.

All of our products come with removable resize scripts so you can get the perfect fit every time and then remove the scripts with the push of a button to reduce your avatar script time. All products are also V1 & V2 compatible offering invisi prim and alpha layer options.


I have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If there is any sort of problem that you are having with your boots at all simply contact Tad Nightfire and I will take care of it for you. Bootgasm is known for it's incredible selection and exceptional customer service. All items are copiable and include removable single script resizers so they will fit any avatar perfectly.

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