EDell Store - EDS&D by Erika Delbonnel
EDell Store - EDS&D by Erika Delbonnel
Sold by: Erika Delbonnel
Joined: December 27, 2006

EDell (EDS&D) born from my own needs to have good clothes, sexy dresses, nice shoes and more things, so I made all those thing by myself and for myself, but when I finished, I thought why not sell all my designs?

My products are based in my experience in SL and i don't made them to be rich, I made them thinking in a practicle sense and usefull.

And i think You will find here some good stuff to you.

If you want to know more about my store or about me just send me an IM

Erika Delbonnel


If you have issues with some of my products, contact to me. I am always willing to help you find a solution.

Products with COPY permission only, not have money refund.

Products with TRANSFER permission only, can't be redelivered.

And, remember, always we can find solution, just need to talk.

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