Kazuya Phlox
Kazuya Phlox
Joined: January 20, 2007

Kaz has a wide ranger of products in several areas.
- high quality clothing and accesoires for men and women.
Cool, sexy,playfull and original designs.
- We aslo have clothing aimed for djs.
- Living:: Modern classy chairs, tables, kitchens, closets and other furniture
-Landscaping, oceaninc & land products for several different habitats, tropical, japanese, boreal, desert
- Theme texts for occasions such as rezzday, birthday or confessing your undying love to someone.


If a marketplace delivery fails, send me a notecard (offline IM will not arrive!) and i will redeliver or sell the item to you inworld.
Most of the time the money does not arrive to me but stays at lindenlabs. Unfortunately i cant just give products and ask lindenlabs for the money that never arrived to me. So if that happens, i can resell you the item and you will have to file a ticket yourself

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