Razor/// ™
Razor/// ™
Sold by: Kehl Razor
Joined: October 17, 2007

Razor/// ™ 2016 and onward Marketplace Store Front.

The most current releases from Razor/// ™

This marketplace will be fitted mesh updated and new items. Updated items will be removed from the old marketplace and put here so you can find the newest releases easier. Not all items will be updated but they will still be for sale on the old marketplace here - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/115474

Razor/// ™ is owned and operated by Kehl Razor. Please send any questions or issues to me directly.


★Redelivery Terminal is located at the front of the Razor/// Mainstore. Items purchased on this Marketplace Front should be fully re-deliverable @ the in-world Mainstore Terminal.

★Product Issues leave Kehl Razor a message.

★Double Purchase: Send a Notecard with both Transaction Numbers to Kehl Razor - you will be refunded for one of them.

★Please try the DEMO.

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