~the plank~
~the plank~
Sold by: Aeon Perian
Joined: January 31, 2009

~the plank~ is a store where anyone can find something to their liking for just a couple little lindens. Yes we made the furniture pieces to be cheap and affordable so that everyone can enjoy a piece of nice prim without having to pay a bucket of lindens.

Also we have explored a rather different sector of interest, Makeups and face tattoos. We created a couple styles that we believe are very versatile and that are just waiting to be used by your imagination... add them to a costume, a day to day outfit... just let it all out and shout fabulous as you walk on by.

And even with this it's still a matter of preference to like what we have to offer. Our hopes are that you enjoy what you see and buy and use it to be creative.


The policy is very simple:
1. All items are NO TRANSFER! this means that every purchase you make from ~the plank~ is final, ergo any discussion about refunds will be automatically ignored. We are not responsible for your after purchase second thoughts. Also we do not have an in-world store so there's no way we are going to admit "hey i bought that instead of that cause it was lagy etc".
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