Naida Stipe
Naida Stipe
Joined: March 17, 2009

©>>ROOTS<< (Sark Lane & Naida Stipe)

Where the Style come from? Milan, Madrid, New York, Paris, maybe London? No, the style is inside you, it belongs to you, look for your root, the colors you are used to see, the sounds you know, the smells you love and you will find what you are looking for.

This is what we are, this is what ROOTS is…we thought to be routless just because we lived in so many different places, because we never felt part of those cities….never able to talk a language like our native language and starting to forget our roots, our colors, friends and so on….until, until we found out that we will never be routless, because what we are is what we became thanks to our original land, thanks to all those sounds or noises we are used to know and we will always recognize as ours. Now we know our ROOTS and WHERE THE STYLE COME FROM!!!

Join us and show others yours! Your style, your ROOT!!


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