Sold by: Mimmiomi Ushimawa
Joined: November 30, 2008

❀Responses may be delayed, but I will help you as fast as I can, please send me a notecard if needing help❀

❀I make eye textures from scratch for M3 & Kemono head, as well as clothing mods for 2.0 clothing and kemono clothing.

❀To make M3 appliers to work on kemono please update your kemono and open the bonus box and use the retro hud, same counts for the newest M3 update

❀Please send a notecard asking for help if you got any problems with my products before writing a bad review, but read the following notecards for instructions first.


❀No copybotting/Ripping/stealing of textures.
❀No refunds except for double purchases, please include your purchase history in the notecard.
❀Don't compare my shop to others while writing an review , I'm a different person and I make my stuff my own way, it all comes to preferences and different taste and style.

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