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Joined: July 09, 2009

Thank you for reading this little blurb about the Oddfish store.

Oddfish is the project brand for all of Dita Actor's creative activity in Second Life.

Whilst the store has a varied and eclectic range of product; the main direction for Oddfish remains focused on crafting items for special occasions, celebrations, themed events and art installations.

Everything made here has been through my own exploring in Second Life and to saite a curiosity I've had at one point or another. It may not always be perfect, but it is perfectly mine.


On Returns
Happy to refund your money on proof of purchase as well as the agreement that your complaint is valid and reasonable.
Regrettably, I cannot offer a refund on the following items :

No refunds on FULL PERM items
No refunds on gift/nearly free items
No refunds on items with proceeds that go to charity
Instead, I am very willing to offer one time exchanges for other items in store

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