Sold by: Manuel Ormidale
Joined: August 12, 2009

22769 offers you a wide range of casual mesh clothing for him and her. Within the casual line we release also avatar accessories.
We offer for every rigged mesh clothing a free Demo. Our mesh clothing also follows of course the avatar standard sizing for men and for women.

The subbrand 22769 ~ [bauwerk] offers high quality original creator mesh furniture and prefabs.

Every mesh item is original creator mesh and careful textured and baked.


If you have any questions, failed delivery or need some help with one of the items, please drop a notecard to Manuel Ormidale or Paco Pooley for refund or a new copy of the purchased item.
Don't forget to write your name in the note. Please have a copy of your transaction history at hand - or write it in the note.

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