Sold by: Caelia Draconia
Joined: March 07, 2009

A mixture of textures, materials and mesh kits for content creation, sold with full permissions.

✪ Should you require assistance with the items or have any queries regarding terms, please do not hesitate to contact me, I'm generally a very fair person seeking to encourage creativity. Contact Caelia Draconia either inworld or at caelia.draconia@googlemail.com with any questions, I endeavour to respond as soon as I am able.


✪ Use for creation of own end product, do not resell or give away in native state

✪ Do not use outside of Second Life.

✪ End products should NOT be distributed as full perm.

✪ In the case of mesh, minimum price items should be sold is 50% of the original kit price.

✪ Failure to read these terms does not act as a defense for breaking them.

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