Texture Me True
Texture Me True
Sold by: Gerard Tunwarm
Joined: July 12, 2008

Texture Me True creates and sells luxurious, high quality, full perms textures for the discerning fashion designers and content creators of Second Life.

Texture Me True
Beautifully created, seamless textures optimized for use in Second life.
Textures are all 512 x 512 pixels unless otherwise stated.
Textures are 24 bit tga, or 32 bit tga if they are alpha Transparent/semi transparent

Reasons to check out the store inside Secondlife
New packs are often discounted for their first week of release.
Textures are displayed in an appealing and inspirational manner for ease of viewing
There are a large number of groups gifts available
There's a considerable selection of free texture packs
You might run into Uncle Gerry, (grins)


Dear Customer

Please contact gerard tunwarm with any product related issues or questions. TMT operates a fair policy and issues brought to gerard's attention will dealt with or given full refunds.

Kind regards gerard tunwarm

AKA Uncle Gerry " TMT

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