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The in-world store has now closed.

Custom made female poses used in all of my own artwork. Over 800 natural, sexy, dramatic, realistic and feminine poses in store to choose from.

Please contact me by notecard in world should you have any delivery issues or questions as notification of any comments you may leave against a product at the marketplace store does not always get to me.

Some posters here and in world display the poses as mirrored for aesthetic reasons. Your purchase is a static pose animation only. Props, scenery, materials etc shown on the vendor image are not included.

All poses are copy, no mod and no trans. Poses made for standard sized female avatars. For best use it is recommended that you have a body shape and avatar that you are able to modify. Avatar additions such as mesh & sculpted limbs/body parts may also affect how the pose looks. Poses are designed for use in a pose stand or other scripted object and not for AOs. It is recommended that you try the poses in world before you buy or have the ability to modify your avatar shape. Whilst every effort is made to ensure poses work for most standard shapes, small variations may result in the pose not appearing as advertised.


I'm sorry no refunds can be made for marketplace transactions.

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