Pirate Arts
Pirate Arts
Sold by: Zara Yip
Joined: January 27, 2007

Pirate Arts® - Fashion Tattoos Grafix

Pirate Arts® is a registered RL fashion brand wich opens after 4 years in Secondlife® in November 2011 its RL doors.

Viva Kustom LTD is the RL authorised trade company by Pirate Arts® Designers Zara and registered @ Companies House Cardiff reg. no. 7781910

Viva Kustom LTD does own all copyrights and represent Pirate Arts® in Secondlife® by Pirate Arts designer Zara Von V.


Shop, merchant and trade follows the LL policies on marketplace. No refunds for non transfer items, nor as demo was purchased befor item.

All rights reserved to Kiva Kustom LTD and fashion brand Pirate Arts® for grafics and interlectual properties.

Zara Von V is offical trader and prepesentative of Viva Kustom LTD reg no. 7781910 at Companies House Cardiff and Pirate Arts® for Secondlife®.

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