Nortec Labs
Sold by: Matti Deigan
Joined: August 02, 2006

Nortec Labs is a trade Name, operated, funded and started with SL™, by it's resident Matti Deigan. Nortec Labs provides licensing and support to third party, in-word businesses and organizations such as AnthroExtacy, Black Out Industries, Magrathean and Dream Dragon Designs.

It's best known for designing and selling Muzzletalk Construction Kit , High Detail Armor , Weaponry , and Custom avatars.

The main objective of NORTEC Labs is to create Original high-quality science fiction and steam-punk content into Virtual Worlds.

The second objective of NORTEC Labs is to collaborate with virtual businesses, and/or provide services and licenses for by scripts and models buildings or equipment for their use

They also maintain Center of Gravity , a Scifi Mars-colony based simulator.


All Products are provided with Copy permissions, however are always going to be non-transferable. This is done ACCOUNT BASIS.

If you already own a product, you may request for a redelivery anytime. Please allow for 24 hours, until this process is completely automated.

If you happen to switch accounts, I will not transfer products you may own in your previous account to your new account.


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