*YEN* Fantasy, Medieval & Gorean Goods
*YEN* Fantasy, Medieval & Gorean Goods
Sold by: Yenyoju Doowangle
Joined: February 01, 2006

*YEN* is UK based, GMT (SLT+8) Timezone.

I create Medieval and Gorean inspired goods.

Reference to english medieval history and art can be found as a underlying basis for most of my creations.

Not currently able to do any long-term custom work but one-off small projects may be considered if i feel they are a marketable and sellable product. Please contact me via notecard with any requests or ideas you'd like to see!

*YEN* is a friendly and receptive store not too big for it's boots! - that likes to offer a good quality product at a price we all can afford.

Started back in April 2007, *YEN* has grown from a small 512m sky box stall selling 100L$ silks to the large shop occupying it's own sim today.

Without you, my customers, It would have never grown to it's current size and I would just like to thank each one of you, no matter if it was just coming for the free items or buying my creations!


- you all make it worth my time and enjoyment.

It's so nice when i do venture out to see the sculpts, silks, textures and furniture I've made, actually rez'd out in peoples sims and homes being used and enjoyed.


* Send Note-card in-world for any problem *

* Please allow 3-5 Days for reply not here 24/7 *

* Refunds for transfer items only less marketplace cut*

* Full Perm/No Trans items - No refunds *

* All items for use on SL GRID ONLY *

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