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Ich bin Deutsche.
I am German.

my group (free to join):

I don't have an INWORLD STORE.
You can see some of my items inworld in my
Profile > Picks > milevA's

Alpha Masking = Stop Alpha Glitch/Flickering:
My older plants use Alpha blending for the textures, but that can make different glitches. My new plants use Alpha masking and you can modify new and old plants:
Edit > (Edit Linked > Select Face [and touch (sur-)face] >) Texture > Transparency % = 0 > Alpha mode = Alpha masking > Mask cutoff greater 0 till you're happy with it.
On a CLOSE VIEW the masked textures (new) look "harder" and the blended textures (old) look very "soft" and more nice, but USUALLY (walking through a garden or forest) nobody looks at a single leaf on a tree, but would be confused by blending glitches with other Alpha blending textures of plants, hair, particle emitters, water, fog ...
It is up to you what Alpha texture mode you like to choose.

Low Landimpact = low Li:
My land requiring items are very low Li. Usually you can link them and test to lower the Li by:
Edit > (Edit linked [and touch the linked] >) Features > Physics Shape Type > Convex Hull (for example).

If not other mentioned my materials items look almost same in non-materials mode, but in materials mode they look more "life".

FitMesh + Fitted Mesh:
I use this descriptions for Fitted, Liquid and Deformer Mesh and offer free demo to test it. Some don't require special viewer and some don't size with all body sliders.

Scripts and resize objects:
Usually my scripts are No Modify and my objects are Modify to resize them, but the script inside makes the *complete* object looks like "no modify" - you still can modify the object and resize it when my Marketplace description says it.


In case of delivery or any other problem of my items contact me with droping a NOTECARD in-world. Name it (title) with the items name.

read my Store Profile (above) for info about:
Alpha masking

I don't have an INWORLD STORE.
You can see some of my items inworld in my
Profile > Picks > milevA's

Have Fun!

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