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*In .:TBO:. work slowly, with care and imagination to each of our designs is unique.
☞If you have any questions, suggestions or an issue with any of my products, before put a bad review, send me a notecard inworld including your name (not the display name) and transaction information, I will reply ASAP.
☞If I have not replied in a few days, i probably haven't received your note. Send it to me again. I do NOT answer IM’s.
☞My customers are very important and i try to help in any possible way, but i’m not working 24×7 (just like in RL). I am human (like you), I like designing, have fun and relax.
I might be about to go to sleep, being focused on some external program, working as a DJ or simply enjoying of my virtual family and resting.
☞Be polite; if you use bad manners i will not reply.
☞I am non-English speecher, so I ask for your patience :)

BLOG: http://thebeautifulonesstore.wordpress.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thebeautifulonesstore/


☞Double purchases: Send NOTE with your name (not display name) and transaction data

☞Items not delivered: Go to the inworld store for a REDELIVERY

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