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Hi all,

I am a designer and developer in real life.

A couple of years known SL, and I could see the needs that had my friends and others who contact me periodically. Therefore I decided to transfer my knowledge to SL and create objects and scripts for personal use or to order.

Each of the orders that I make my clients daily, take them forward as you would in real life. And with the same seriousness.

Therefore, if you asked me to build a house, you give me the details of the project you want and I will send you a quote for the work.

Please note that I am a professional. And its cost is defined by the sum of my knowledge and performance time.

This text was seriously reading it, but believe me, every day I am convinced that it is absolutely necessary.

Thanks for your interest in my profile, and I hope to see you soon.




Once you agree with the price, I charge you 50% of the total agreed to begin work, the other 50% will be paid once the work has been completed.

If during the execution time, you decide to make changes to the draft agreed by us beforehand. Left alone in my opinion, whether it is possible to continue with the same budget, or whether it should be expanded in function to the new requirements.


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