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Welcome to our profile.

Thank you very much for your intrest in our company and products.

MiMo Couture is a young fashion company.
We provide mostly full outfits for your avatar.
We recommend to read the advertisement just in case to avoid dissapointment if ever its a single item we selling that time.

The outfits mostly includes a full set of clothes for upper and lower body.
And the shoes or boots you see on the picture.

Never is included the hair, skin, shape eyes, and animation.

In the future we will expand with other products for avatar customizing like:
Jewlery, Nails, Bags, Eyes, Hair, Skins and Tattoo's

If you have any problems regarding your delivery.
Please feel free to contact us inworld.
Under the name:
In older or snowglobe viewers like phoenix:
MiMoCouture Resident


-Our outfits are made on average size avatars
-Our products are mostly copy only.
-We have a non refund policy.

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