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We thrive on bringing high quality items to Second Life for other people to enjoy! Originally we started making clothing for our selves to use back in 2009-2010, when it was just the system clothing.. We wasn't great at it but we still loved to do it so we carried on..

A few months down the line, people was asking where we got the items from, and we told them it was custom made by our selves.. We then decided to open our first store called Cutie Creations.. We didn't advertise it well back then, due to the fact it was just a hobby and was mainly doing it for the fun and just sharing our work with other people..

As we got better, and it got easier we decided we would venture off to do our own stores.. This is where Fashion Krush, Unborn Soul and Bitchlets started for me (Pinkrosey fang) and where Pheonix for men started for him (Shanelude resident).. We also decided to have a go at fullperm items.. But we found out very fast that this wasn't the path for us..

After a long hard chatter between us we decided to connect all the stores together, and do something we both love, and that is fantasy, magical but keeping it new style too.. and this is when Muggleborn was created.. We are now catering for multiple bodies and styles, and growing bigger and faster! It is a massive experience to be going through.. I love it and can't wait to see what is next in store for us and Muggleborn!

Our customers have been so supportive along with our amazing bloggers and friends! I can't thank everyone enough for the huge support and love that everyone is giving us.. It is truely amazing.. ! ♥

We hope to grow bigger, and better.. So please stay tuned for more awesome adventures!

Pinkrosey fang & Shanelude Resident

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