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Balanvi® Is a professional Luxury Estates management company. We provide many services relevant to land rental which we develop to high and exacting standards. We own specially selected regions in which are developed with server speeds in mind - this means you can expect low lag and exceptional performance. Our main goals are to offer top of the line services in each thing we do, from Community and Business integration to Support and costumer services.

With Balanvi®, Your Imagination Is the Limit. Not your budget.

Here is a breakdown of our services:

• High end commercial land rentals (For luxury retail, communal development and product enhancement, small regional company / business offices, Commercial product development and other non-industrial light commercial property.)

• Luxury Residential Sector rentals (For couples, holiday spaces, High Market community values, Tailored community services endorsed by Balanvi® Executive management, High Commute peaks and centrally designed commercial area surrounding parks and breathtaking landscapes and for those with medium to high budget who want a piece of the good life.)

Many of our services are tailored. Therefore you will find more detailed feature listings with the appropriate product / rental description.


For more information regarding our policies please visit or visit the region to view the local Covenant. Our number one Policy is customer satisfaction!

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