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Urban Dictionary defines Malify as:

(verb) To Malify. The term for adding notes to a melody while singing and making the voice focused and clear...

...Malifying, however, is when this form of singing works and is enjoyable. "Way to malify that song! You really wowed the crowd!"

I believe that something is truly ✰MALified✰ when it is functional, pleasing to the eye and screams "look at me" ツ


POLICY: All items are sold as NO Transfer. I don't want to offend by refusing to exchange or refund so please always try a Demo first.

CONTACT: Although my IM's might get capped - I do prefer them and most will come through to my email so I can respond whilst offline.

But to be sure, send me an IM and also copy the convo to a notecard and drop it to me. I try to respond usually within 24hrs ツ

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