~Lantian Flox~
~Lantian Flox~
Sold by: Wyvern Dryke
Joined: February 23, 2007

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~L/Fx~ is ~Lantian Flox~. We've been in business since 2007, and are a conglomerate of several brands: ~Lantian~, [FLOX], Sheva's Sex Shop.

We are renowned for top quality products such as:
* jewelry
* pottery
* gadgets
* crystals
* kilts & cloaks
* lanterns
* garden supplies
* plushies
* adult toys
much more.

We also cover a wide range of themes including:

* fantasy
* science fiction/scifi
* Steampunk
* Egyptian/Middle Eastern
* Asian
and more

Yes, we DO offer custom work. Please inquire.

Also, smile. :) By buying from ~L/Fx~ you are doing a good deed. Profits are used to provide food and shelter for disabled & veterans (including the ones in our family).


All images, designs, and intellectual property are (c)2006-2020 ~Lantian Flox~ or Wyvern Dryke.


Perms: scripts, textures, etc. inside objects usually No-Mod/No-Copy. Objects themselves are usually Mod/Copy or Mod/Trans.

Refund: yes for accidental double-purchase (trans objects must be returned first) or rare exception like SL glitch. Otherwise, store-credit or tra

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