HORIZONS Multi-Scene Rezzer, Basic Edition Version 5.0.3

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HORIZONS is an advanced and extremely versatile holodeck-style rezzing system, the likes of which has not been seen in Second Life. Features include chat and menu control, several free scenes, panoramas, and exterior shells, all tied to a zero-config installation system that's a snap to setup!

The new freeze feature lets you easily turn any Horizons scene into a permanent structure. Or drag Horizons around and watch as the scene and shell follow your movements. Try that with any other system!

Included scenes:
* Airport
* Aquarium
* Asylum
* Barnyard
* Camping Trip
* Hideaway
* Hunter's Retreat
* Movie Theater
* Old Mill
* Sample Room (expansion door demo)
* Sealab
* Snow Cave
* Stonehenge (mesh)
* 20m, 30m and 50m panocubes with several photographic environments

Included shells:
* Holodeck Shells (15x18, 20x20 and 40x40)
* Building Platform (30x40m building platform)
* Industrial Shell (15x18 shell, 7 prims)
* Modern Shell (15x18 shell, 22 prims)
* Plus two other shells for use with Novatech TARDISis

HORIZONS can be used as a home with changing furniture sets and rooms, a holographic roleplay area for SciFi fans, or a demo rezzer for large or small 3D items. Capable of creating scenes the size of a sim, you can easily change the whole sim, or one small room, at the push of a button.

HORIZONS is ever-expanding, with new content and features created frequently and available in our vendors. With the professional model, you can even create your own scenes, shells or panoramas for resale through us, or HORIZONS-friendly objects in your own vendors. More information about this in the included creator's guide.

HORIZONS -- Unlimited imagination, boundless horizons, create your own reality.

The basic edition has no editing tools and cannot be used to create new scenes. However, it can be rotated freely and placed next to another system, allowing you to create a bank of holosuites, several furniture rezzers for your shop, etc.

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  • Rez scenes up to the size of a sim
  • Advanced configuration. Customize sounds, text, time-outs, etc.
  • Full security options, including guest and staff lists
  • Automatic timeout clears scenes when not in use to save prims
  • Compatible with our TARDIS, emDash, Paradise Blanket, and more!

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Ugly scenes

Veröffentlicht 13.10.2015 von Drake Coalcliff 1 Stern

Scenes are godawful. Poor texturing and bad build quality. Everything looks like SL circa 2006

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Veröffentlicht 28.2.2013 von Draco Absent 5 Sterne

One of the most interesting 'gadgets' I have ever purchased in sl!!

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