Jinx : Passenger System for Centaurs

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UPDATED July 2021 to V2.1:

Weird sim crossing issue that appeared has now been fixed by Tapple - also fixed a "below ground" issue and sounds issue.

(UPDATED May 2021 to V2:)

Now will work with any of the 4 sizes of Centaur and will work for a variety of sized humanoid riders (inc kids, etc.). You will need to adjust position of both centaur and passengers according to size.

Improved animations and flying now included.

Includes a "BABY LEGS" leg adjuster for kids and smols. (Transferable for your passengers).

Requires rezzing.

Will NOT work for the Felitaur / Dragotaur. Jinx Centaurs ONLY.

A system that allows the Jinx Centaur wearer to carry up to 3 passengers on their back.

The passenger system is essentially a vehicle. You will need rezz permissions on the land where you intend to use it and you will not be able to teleport with it (it will remain on the land where you rezzed it). This is a limitation of Second Life - you can not "sit" on another avatar.

If nobody is sitting on the passenger system it will self destruct after 60 seconds (to avoid litter).

1. Wear your Centaur
2. Rez the passenger system - a little ball with the Jinx logo will appear.
3. Sit on the ball (wearing your centaur) by right clicking the ball and selecting "Ride!"
4. Get your passengers to also sit on the system next by clicking the horse's chest area and selecting "Ride!"

The first passenger will sit just behind the human part of the centaur, followed by two further seating positions behind each other. You can not change seat positions via the hud because the "centaur" must stay where they are. You can, however, change who has control of driving. To switch who has control of driving:

1. Left click on the centaur's chest area to bring up the menu.
2. Select "Driver"
3. Select who on the centaur is going to drive (if there are less passengers than choices on the hud - control will revert to driver)

"Centaur" refers to the person wearing the centaur. "Passenger" refers to the others who are not wearing centaur.

Using the passenger system.

You can speed up by:
1. First, move forward normally, by pressing the up arrow (or any other movement key)
2. Tap the up arrow (or forward key) while you are moving, then continue to press your forward key

To slow down:
1. Move forward normally by pressing the up arrow (or any other movement key)
2. While continuing to press the up arrow or forward key, press the down arrow or back up key. Release the down arrow or back button and continue forward.

Trouble shooting / FAQs:

If you (or your passengers) sit on the system and you end up sit in your horse's tummy: Take a step! It usually pops the riders back into place. Ensure AOs are switched off.

You can always seek support from the Jinx staff by IMing JinxStoreBot Resident and leaving a message - one of the team will be in touch as soon as they can.




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