Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs
Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs
Sold by: Antreas Alter
Joined: January 12, 2008

Behind names,
nicknames or avatars, there are people.
Behind "Real Prims" and all its subdivisions,
behind "Real Waves - Trees - Furniture"
there is a bunch of ...lunatics with passion!

Passioned with and inspired by the idea of bringing to (second) life, things with the ultimate care.
Things that will look real, feel real, and will make all you feel they are real.

"Real" stands for EXCELLENCE. Not just good, but, best possible transfer of real world into Second Life

Photographer, Photoshop Artist.
Specializing in Commercial Photography and digital imaging. Our Photoshop guru! :)

Photographer. Specializing in nature, landscape.
He's the one we send out in the wild hunting the perfect light at 7AM in the morning :P

Designer. Graphic Arts, Architecture.
Specializing in 3D modeling, the soul and heart of all our innovations.

Le Boss :) Marketing and Advertising expert.
Specializing in visual communications and marketing psychology. We just call her "Boss" :D

Coder. Specializing in lsl (among others!)
We would not be anything without the person speaking English and the 010010110 language :))

Last but not least, wishing to thank in public
Real Waves™ legal support by:
The Civil Justice Center
112 E. 4th Street
Houston, Texas 77007


A new approach by Antreas
Antreas understands that some people may like and desire something, but have no money to buy it. Please do not steal / copybot / rip textures. If you have no linden money, tell me, i will send you what you liked, for free. Really! Yes, REALLY really! A gift! :)
Do not become a REAL LIFE criminal for the sake of a game.

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