Inca Temple fine jewelry
Inca Temple fine jewelry
Sold by: Di Yifu
Joined: February 08, 2007

Come to discover the legendary items of INCA TEMPLE - the expert of sl jewelry making. Some people believe Inca's jewelry is the best in sl, many will say it's exceptional, and anyone will agree - it's different...
Variety of ethnic, ancient, fantasy, medieval, elven, and other role play jewelry of finest quality for both genders.
The famous gems of Inca closely imitate rl gemstones.
Plenty of free gifts waiting for you on site.


The customer satisfaction has always been the highest priority for Inca Temple. If you are not satisfied with your transferable product, return it to Di Yifu in a folder with notecard mentioning your name and either you want exchange or full refund. Sale of non-transferable items is final but support is provided should you encounter any problems.

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