Thynome Vector Foundation
Thynome Vector Foundation
Vendu par : TailBlue
Date d'inscription: 21/10/2015

❄Thynome Vector Foundation in collaboration with Skyward Heavy Industries.

❄Custom built and scripted mesh items for Second Life Residents mostly oriented to Scifi and Anime.
❄ Our products are designed mainly for role play and decor.
❄Our products will be mod, copy, and no trans. We believe buyers in having freedoms of modifying there products to there hearts content without having to be restricted by things. Scripts however will always be no mod, copy, and no transfer.
❄If you wish to see a demo of any item in-world drop an IM or NC or check out the in-world store.


❄Updates are always free.
❄No Refunds for bought items unless same item bought twice or more for same account.
❄Will not send free copies to your alternate account.
❄Items are always copy/mod/no trans except for scripts.
❄Items will never be sold full perm.
❄We dont do commissions.
❄We dont do custom mods to items.


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