Visitor Welcome Board - VWB-200 バージョン 3.0

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The VWB has every option you need for welcoming visitors, like sending automatic invites, welcome messages, landmark or showing a menu.
It also features the ability to send the owner lists each day to E-mail, with a visitor list and statistics about visitor counts, SL resident stats and clickies on the board.
All in a neat design, complimented with an optional stand, and with many cosmetic options as you are used to with the SHX product line.

Now with: multilanguage support (menu in 15 languages),
Statistics showing what language viewer your visitors use
Smartbots integration:

Smartbots 24/7 group invites

* SHX - VWB - Visitor Welcome Board - Features
- Group join invitation when a visitor arrives (optional)
- Group join at touch board
- Smartbots compatible (to get automatic invitations)
- Show a menu to a visitor with Info, landmark or group join (optional)
- Visitor menu in all 15 languages! (optional)
- Can give an gift-item via menu (optional)
- Welcome message in IM at arrival visitor (optional)
- Landmark giver at arrival visitor (optional)
- Can give out a notecard on demand (from the menu), you have an option to translate and give it out specifically to all 15 languages
- Can send statistics to E-mail everyday
- Timezone selection, for setting the right midnight mailinglist to Email
- Stores up to 250 visitors
- Can send a list of visitors to E-mail everyday (in CSV format with datetimestamp)
- Language statistics (see where your visitors come from!)
- Optionally clears visitor list at midnight
- Can show visitor list via menu
- Sensor range selectable in menu
- 15 selectable font types
- 15 selectable color themes (and 1 custom)
- Access for group/owner or modifiable manager list
- Visible visitor counter
- Visible total visitor counter
- Visible new residents in Second Life counter
- Visible residents online in Second Life counter
- Shows last visitor name and profile image
- Automatic group image retrieval
- Automatic group ID setup
- Low scriptlag, uses minimal resources
- Auto update function
- Includes full perm API script to optionally make a call to a custom inviter BOT (non-smartbot)

New in 2.0:
- Kuler Themes (external 1 click color change)
- Group ignore toggle
- Parcel restriction
- Including 2 copyable external sensors: Radar sensor / Collision Sensor, with sound and particle effects
- Option to enable/disable internal and external sensors

New in 3.0:
- 100% mesh, now 8Li
- some script cleanups, lowering memory usage

200/210 models only:
- Visible new residents in Second Life counter
- Visible residents online in Second Life counter
- Shows last visitor name and profile image (Displayname or Avatarname)


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Excellent product

掲載済み 2021/05/26 : Nate Ravenhurst 5 星

This is by far one of the best products I have used for land rentals. I highly recommend it as people will get the 'everyone' group invite and it provides a great marketing opportunity.

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please need a redelivery

掲載済み 2020/12/16 : SalesVentas 5 星

pleas ei need a redelivery

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SHX Club Equipment
SHX Club Equipment
販売元: Saii Hallard

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