Ashira's Aerie Creative Jewelry
販売元: Ashira Legien
登録日: 2006/12/09

I am Ashira and I live in a Tree :-) .. I love my tree castle and I love SL and the creativity it allows me to express. Here my imagination soars. I make all kinds of beautiful and unique things .. scripted jewelry that will recognize and respond to your Soulmate, lockets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, head bands .. and unique blanket that covers you like a real blanket. Come to Ashira's Aerie on the Isle of Mists and share my dreams.


All Items in the store are Mod and Transfer EXCEPT the vehicles and Tree Castle .. which are Mod and Copy. If you have any problem with anything I sell .. IM me or send a notecard and I will fix it.



リスト ギャラリー サムネイル