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A magic carpet that your avatar sits on and commands. This is a quick means to hold your avatar steady to work high in the air, or move you quickly from place to place. We have recently redone our magic carpet to make it more stable and yet still easy to use. It uses 6 gears, for distance, and page up and page down and arrow keys for movement at the distance the gear you are in is set for. Use "Go" of course to "Go" and use "Stop" when working on something to ensure that it is less likely that SL will move you closer or further away when you click things to work on. It also has multiple texture choices for fun and appearance.

You could use it to work on a skybox, or to look around the area around your skybox. Or you could look for a prim you may have lost out in space if you have an idea where it might be. Or you could use it for fast travel when flying would be too slow. It is a people mover ....fast but stable... and also personal.

You stand on it, and it takes over your key controls - meaning your direction keys now control the people mover and not your avatar as long as you stand on it. You get a menu where you can decide which of 6 gears to be in - from slight movements to moving 100 meter at a time. Then use your direction keys to move in any of six directions, or just hold a key down and continue to move that way ... fast.

Move Forward = forward direction key or "w" key
Move Back = back direction key or "s" key
Move Right = right direction key or "d" key'
Move Left = left direction key of "a" key
Move Up = "page up" or "e" key
Move Down = "page down" or "c" key

ET GO HOME (note: "go home" works only if in the same region as home)
Yes, you can set "home" location by a set home menu choice, or just use the spot where you rez it if you do nothing. At any time later, if you press "Read Home" on the menu it will tell you the direction to go to go home. That approach is safest since you can decide the route and make it through your own property or at least friendly property.

If you are in the same region where home is (important) and know that you will travel over all safe land going home, use the "Go Home" menu selection. If you are far away, you may need to press it several times to go all the way home. The distance is restricted for one leap.

While direction keys decide which way to go... and then go... "gears" define how far each time. And yes, if you hold a direction key down, it keeps going in rapid installments of moving.
1st: 0.1 m each move (landings mostly)
2nd: 1m
3rd: 5m
4th: 10m
5th: 50m
6th: 100m

Sit on the carpet and you must select a gear in the menu, or press "Go" to just go in 1st gear

Click on menu textures to allow 4 different kinds of Persian Rugs, or 4 different kinds of fur rugs, or our normal map that shows where x, -1, y and -y are. 9 selections .... just keep pressing "texture"

WHO CAN USE: Owner Only

MENU WENT AWAY! - Click the people mover rug to get it back

Hope you Enjoy!
Hunter Bronet and Suzie Larsen for OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and on SL Marketplace

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  • SIngle Prim
  • Easy Movement
  • Can go as high SL allows and be stable
  • Work on Skyboxes
  • Help located and take or kill lost prims

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