[DDD] Hewn Stepping Stones

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A carefully hand-sculpted 12 piece kit, this includes a variety of round, curved, and bent shapes which are perfect to create your own rustic forested pathways.

The set includes meticulously baked down materials and 8 texture choices for snowy, mossy, stylised, and more. The gray and neutral are very tintable friendly, too!

All sections come in at the low 1 prim each, are copy & mod, and the script can be deleted or killed by using the included HUD.

Each piece is approximately 5m in length, give or take with each cube being approximately .6m by .6m in width and just under .5 in height, giving you depth to sink slightly into ground or ponds.

Materials enhanced, but optimised to look great on all graphic settings. LODs are optimised so they should be moderately visible at all lengths.

Physics exist but are not precise - you can walk on top of them, but especially in curved pieces, there may be physics over open space too. This will help in preventing people from falling in water.

*See video clip for a quick coverage of the texture options, responsive HUD, and shape choices.

UPDATE OCT 2019: Includes "individual" option. 6 stones do cost 3 land impact (linked) but can now be arranged into any shape you like!

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  • Modular Mesh Gardens Set - Create Your own pathways and river rocks
  • Materials enabled, LOD optimised, they'll never disappear
  • Hand made mesh, low poly, low prim, low land impact, cheap, all original
  • Several Shapes like circles, squares, and different edges or end pieces
  • Perfectly suited to house our other plants like our sunflowers or garden plots

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[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
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