Akaesha Designs and Animations
Akaesha Designs and Animations
Vendido por: Akaesha Revnik
entrou: 01/11/2007

Akaesha Designs™- SL's Leading Brand you can Trust-
♥ NEW ReACT™ Products!! ♥

*Proprietary High Quality Custom Animations*
-ReACT - High Quality Animations and Interactive Lovescenes
-ReACT Bundles - Fireworks Gazebo, Camping Set and more!
-Sensual Massage Beds & Cuddles inside a Blanket
-Kama Sutra HUD (Proven to enhance your lovelife)
-Customizable Furniture (Trillions of themes)

Akaesha Designs is home of the revolutionary ReACT Animation System. Best Animations in SL. Akaesha Designs is the largest enterprise for variety of virtual goods in Second Life. One stop shop for virtual goods such as ReACT Compatible furniture, bedroom sets, bathroom sets, lounge furniture, rugs, art, home decor, shoes, skins, animations, prefab homes, HUDs and more. Akaesha Quality & Technical superiority is simply unmatched since 2007. Customer satisfaction and product quality are our top priorities. Visit our ReACT Superstore and come see for yourself!


We do not allow refunds. However, we may provide store credit under certain circumstances. Please make a ticket on our web site at http://akaesha.com

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